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The history of the PRGA Golf Hall of Fame dates back to 1978, when PRGA Founder Jim Teale and Puertorrican Golf Legend at the PGA & SENIOR PGA TOUR, Juan “Chi Chi” Rodriguez, were inducted and accepted the honor to be immortalized with the recognition. Since then, another fifteen times other golfers have been recognized with their selection into a very special group among the golfing community.

The PRGA has supported both sides of the game of golf, amateur and professional, by recognizing individuals who have served and/or are still working to promote our sport.

The PRGA is open to suggestions and/or recommendations for nominations for induction into the Hall of Fame. The nomination(s) must be submitted by at least three PRGA Members Club in good standing, in a closed enveloped by mail to the PRGA Office:

Paradise Commercial Center #264 – Suite 11
Ave. Matadero * Puerto Nuevo
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920




Juan “Chichi” Rodríguez

James Teale



Julio “Chiqui” Torres

George Teale



Kitty Michael



Henry James



Jesús Rodríguez



Ralph “Butch” James

Miguel “Junior” Colón



Cesar Rivera

Elvyn Cordova

Francisco “Paco” Acevedo



Larry Borges

Seth Bull



Luis Elvin González

Sidney Wolf

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