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Caribbean Cup - Daily & Final Results

Organized by the Caribbean Golf Association and hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Golf Association, the 3rd Caribbean Cup was contested over three (3) days of Match Play format at the St. Andrew Golf Club in Moka, Trinidad.

Below please find the links for the daily matches and results between the East & West Teams during the 2011 edition of the event for the Cesar Rivera Trophy.

3rd Caribbean Cup - Daily Results
Day Team Daily Pts. Accum.   Daily Winner Team Daily Pts. Accum.  
1 EAST 6 1/2    East Team WEST 3 1/2   COMPLETE RESULTS
2 EAST 8 14 1/2 East Team WEST 2 5 1/2 COMPLETE RESULTS
3 EAST 6 20 1/2 East Team WEST 4 9  1/2 FINAL RESULTS

Although the Caribbean Cup is a team event, following please find the Individual Results per Team

About the "The Caribbean Ryder Cup"


The objective and purpose of the competition are:

  • to allow elite players to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level
  • to foster camaraderie among member countries of the CGA
  • to provide a showcase for Caribbean Golf


The competition is a biennial team event for the Cesar Rivera Trophy conducted by match play over three days at such venue and date (normally November) approved by the CGA Council. It is competed for by 2 teams as follows:

Eastern Caribbean Team

Two players nominated by each of the governing bodies of golf in the following countries: Barbados, OECS, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago and United States Virgin Islands, together with two additional players nominated by the Team Captain who must be eligible to play for one of those countries.

Western Caribbean Team

Two players nominated by each of the governing bodies of golf in the following countries: Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos Islands, together with two additional players (who must be eligible to play for one of those countries) nominated by the Team Captain.


  • On the First day, there shall be five 18 hole fourball matches in the morning and five 9 hole foursome matches in the afternoon.
  • On the Second day, there shall be five 18 hole foursome matches in the morning and five 9 hole four ball matches in the afternoon.
  • On the Third day, there shall be twelve 18 hole singles matches. All matches shall be played to a conclusion.
  • The order of play shall be determined by the Team Captains.

The winner(s) of each match shall earn one point for his team. A half point shall be awarded to both teams for a halved match. The winner will be the team with most points after the conclusion of play.

Read more Information about the Caribbean Golf Association

2011 Caribbean Cup Teams

The captain of this year’s Eastern team is Birchmore Griffith from Barbados. The players are:


Puerto Rico

James Johnson

Erick Morales

Simon Proverbs

Robert Calvesbert

Marcus Clarke





Alderray Downes

Adrian Norford

Dave Rajkumar

Raymond Percival

Andrei Collins

Robert Calvesbert


The captain for the western team is Ambrose Gouthro from Bahamas. The players are:



Ben Davis Jr.

Sean Morris

Devaungh Robinson

Fabian Campbell



Cayman islands

Turks & Caicos

Joel Dodson

Fraser Dods


Will Shoreman

Dominican Republic


Juan Campusano


Lino Guerrero

Sean Morris

Radhames Peña

Fabian Campbell

Day 1 - Press Release

St. Andrews GC, Trinidad (Nov.3, 2011) - The west Caribbean team of Devaughn Robinson and Ben Davis led the west to a draw (2 ½ points for the east and 2 ½ points for the west) by defeating the east team of Adrian Norford and Robert Calvesbert two and one in match #1 of the four-ball matches in the opening round of the Caribbean Cup in Trinidad.

The east team of James Johnson and Marcus Clarke closed out the morning matches with James Johnson holing a 25 foot putt to halve their match with Juan Campusano and Lino Guererro.

The west team was no match for the east team in the second round 9-hole afternoon matches of the foursome matches (alternate shot). Led by Simon Proverbs and Dave Rajkumar who defeated joel Dobson and Sean Morris 3 and 2 the east team surged to a three-point lead over the west.

The only win for the west in the afternoon matches was in game 6 when Fabian Campbell and Rhadames Pena (west) defeated James Johnson and Marcus Clarke (east) 3 and 2.

In the other afternoon matches Raymond Percival and Adrian Norford (east) defeated Jaun Campusano and Lino Guerrero (west) 2 and 1, Alderay Downs and Andrei Collins (east) defeated Fraser Dods and Will Shoreman (west) 4 and 3 and Robert Calvesbert and Erik Morales (east) defeated Devaughn Robinson and Ben Davis (west) 2 and 1.

When the day ended the east team had a total of 6½ points and the west team 3½ points.

Moving into day two and the morning foursome 18 hole matches and afternoon 9 hole four ball matches the west team captain Ambrose Gouthro indicated that it was essential that the west team regain some ground before going into the final day of singles matches. He reported that his team had high expectations for Friday’s matches and seemed determined to reverse Thursday afternoon’s 9 hole alternate shot results and close in on the east.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by Victor Pillot, Writer, El Nuevo Dia - Sports Section

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