Must Read Monday: New World Order

Must Read Monday: New World Order
What does the future of the men's pro game look like?

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Realignment On Horizon
For Men's Professional Golf
In the midst of the current upheaval, it is no surprise that many institutions are near freefall. But few would have thought the European Tour was in trouble. That, however, appears to be the case.
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Tours Seem Destined
To Close Ranks
A merger, a takeover, a subset, a reverse takeover, a collaboration, a consolidation? However you say it, the PGA Tour and European Tour seem closer to joining forces.
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Will PGA Tour Reshape
Golf’s World Landscape?
Before the global pandemic, the gears of change already were engaged. Post-pandemic, the PGA Tour can drive more change, perhaps underpinning the European Tour as it deals with serious challenges in the next year.
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European Tour Finances
Difficult To Grasp
Does the European Tour have any money? It certainly doesn’t have the sort of money that Augusta National is said to have, nor the PGA Tour. But how much it does have is hard to pinpoint.
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Montgomerie Advocates
For Independence
Amid talk that the PGA Tour and European Tour may come together in some way, Colin Montgomerie speaks out for the European Tour to stand on its own two feet.
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Calm During Crisis
At a time when consistency and leadership are needed most, LPGA commissioner Mike Whan has demonstrated both.
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