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Global Golf Post - Golf's Back
Seminole charity event scratches itch for PGA Tour followers.

TRENDING: Divide And Conquer In The U.K.?

With Restart Plans In Place,
Golf Begins Anew
Professional golf returned Sunday at Seminole, and, in a sense, it was one small step for golf, one giant leap toward the pro game’s return.
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Young Golfer Persists
With Help From The Game
Minnesota high school senior plays game to help him deal with multiple physical challenges.
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For Equality In Golf, Apology
From Men Would Be A Big Step
“I’m sorry” would go a long way toward helping women soothe suspicions that some men have had to be dragged kicking and screaming into a more modern golf era.
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‘Amateur Whisperer’ Retires
Titleist’s Jim Ahern steps away after inventing the role of director of player development, and patrolling the global fairways of the amateur game for 35 years.
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Victory At Valhalla
Twenty years later, Ron Green Jr. recalls the unforgettable 2000 PGA Championship.
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