Evan Peña will be part of the field at the 2024 PGA TOUR Puerto Rico Open


**Puerto Rico Golf Association Selects Evan Peña for Participation in the PGA TOUR Puerto Rico Open**

San Juan,PR- The Puerto Rico Golf Association (PRGA)celebrating its 70thanniversaryproudly announces its selection of Evan Peña to represent Puerto Rico in the upcoming Puerto Rico Open, a highly esteemed PGA Tour event. Evan Peña's exceptional performances*and consistent results during the PRGA Michelob Ultra Tour Seasonand otherjunior eventshave positioned him as an outstanding candidate for this prestigious opportunity.Evan will be joining fellow PRGA amateur 19 yearoldKelvin Hernandez, who will be participating in his first PGATOUR event by finishingsecondin the PRGA Michelob Ultra Tour standings and Professional Golfer, Rafael Campos,who is a member of the PGA TOUR.

The PRGA, deeply committed to nurturing and developing young talent, recognizes the significance of providing unique experiences that contribute to the continued growth and advancement of our aspiring athletes. By selecting Evan Peña for this coveted tournament, the PRGA aims to foster his promising career, recognizing his dedication, skill, and the immense potential he embodies.

Evan Peña, a15-year-oldrising star in Puerto Rico's golfing community, has demonstrated remarkable talent and determination throughout the PRGA Michelob Ultra Tour Season and with his recent Discover Puerto Rico AJGA tournament win. His exceptional performances have caught the attention of both spectators and industry professionals alike, solidifying his reputation as an emerging force to be reckoned with in the world of golf.

The Puerto Rico Open, a renowned PGA TOUR event, serves as a monumental platform for athletes to showcase their abilities on an international stage. With its rich history of attracting top-tier golfers from around the globe, the tournament draws significant attention and offers invaluable opportunities for players to compete against some of the world's finest golfers.

By selecting Evan Peña for the Puerto Rico Open, the PRGA aspires to promote the growth and development of young athletes, empowering them to excel in their golfing aspirations while representing Puerto Rico with pride. This strategic decision aligns with the PRGA's ongoing commitment to nurturing talent within our local golfing community and providing them with invaluable experiences that propel their careers forward.

The PRGA extends its sincerest congratulations to Evan Peña a 10th grade student with a GPA of 4.00, recognizing his remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication. We have no doubt that Evan will make a resounding impact at the Puerto Rico Open, serving as a true ambassador along with Kelvin Hernandez for the talent and potential inherent in the Puerto Rican golfing community.

*EvanPenafinished third intheseason long Michelob Ultra Tour where the first two positionsreceived automatic entries in the Puerto Rico Open.He also placed first in the recent Discover Puerto Rico AJGA event wheredozens of the best junior golfers around world came to the Hyatt Grand Reserve.The AJGA is an elite junior golf tour that has produced many PGA Tour and LPGA players.Evan was the youngest players to make the cut at the prestigiousLatin American Amateur Championship which isa coveted event due to the involvementofthe USGA, R&A,and the Masters Organization.

Additionalperformancesinclude but not limited to: PRGA Junior Player of the Year, PRGA Junior Championship and Caribbean Junior15 & Under Winner,PRGA Toyota World Junior Championship Member.PRGA Hank James CAJGC Junior Winner,PRGA Hoerman Cup CAGC Winning Team Member,Dominican Republic AJGA event – Fourth PlaceUnderArmorUnderrated Stephen Curry – Third Place.  Evan competed locally, in the USA,Japan, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Panama during theseason.

For more information about the Puerto Rico Golf Association and its programs, please visitwww.prga.org.

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Organization: Puerto Rico Golf Association

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### About the Puerto Rico Golf Association (PRGA)

The Puerto Rico Golf Association (PRGA) is the governing body of amateur golf in Puerto Rico. Established in 1954the PRGA's mission is to promote and develop the game of golf throughout the island, foster the growth of local talent, and provide opportunities for Puerto Rican golfers to compete at regional, national, and international levels. The PRGA organizes and sanctions various tournaments, including the PRGA Michelob Ultra Tour Season, aimed at identifying and showcasing Puerto Rico's golfing talent.


The Puerto Rico Golf Association (PRGA) is the authoritative body of amateur golf in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In that role, the PRGA promotes growth, preserves traditions and protects the integrity of the game, in accordance with the rules adopted by the United States Golf Association.



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